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Inspire! Invent! Innovate!

What is PSIFON?

PSIFON is an acronym for Project Stimulus: Innovators Forum of Nigeria.

We are a tech-oriented social enterprise dedicated to discovering, cultivating and empowering the next generation of inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs in the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria.

Our vision is to become a vanguard in building sustainable and thriving ecosystems that facilitate innovative inventions through technology by building and fostering all-inclusive tech cultures and communities within the region.

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Whether you are just a tech enthusiast, tech beginner, tech expert or just curious about technology, you'll have the opportunity to gain new knowledge, learn a new skill and connect with other like-minded people! Some of the event we hold are:


We visit schools, churches and communities to educate on opportunities available in technology and how they can harness those opportunities for their success.


Be inspired by Leadership, Innovation, Technology and Entrepreneurship (LITE) talks from founders, CEOs and notable individuals in the tech industry who come to share their experiences and give advice about the industry.


Meet, share, connect and learn with other entrepreneurs, developers, innovators and exceptional individuals. Sometimes there's cake.


Learn a new skill or technology at PSIFON workshops delivered by software engineers and developers. Mentors are always there to help, and you'll walk away from these workshops with something you can show all your friends!


Individuals and institutions can exhibit their products or services to consumers and investors for the opportunity of patronage or investment.


A creative problem solving event where techies and non-techies come together and solve problems. Sometimes, these events are competitive, and other times they are for a charitable cause, but it's still a great opportunity to learn and grow.


A gathering of various tech leaders, companies and individuals from different parts of the country to discuss and showcase latest discoveries, inventions and innovation in the tech industry.

Our Services

We offer a variety of tech related services.

Software Development Services

Software Development

  • Websites
  • Mobile Apps
  • Desktop Applications
Training Services


  • Web Design & Development
  • Digital Entrepreneurship
  • Graphics Design
Consulting Services


  • IT Consulting
  • Incubation & Business Development
  • Branding & Digital Marketing